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When to consider help at home from a paid carer

Live- in or full day/ night shift care means our professional carer will be with you in your own home, giving you the flexibilty of help and support whenever you need it, day or night. You receive one one care, build a relationship with your care giver who may become your companion. You have peace of mind that you will remain safe. Our carers don't need to be called out, or scheduled in, they are right there by your side, whenever you need them.

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How can a home care service help me?

There are many elements of home care that can help you – or both of you if you are living with a spouse or partner. Not only does home care support you directly, but it also provides extra reassurance for family members who can’t always be there that you are getting the help you need.

Benefits of our homecare services include:

  • Maintaining independence

  • Living at home and not moving into residential care

  • Bespoke support for your specific needs and preferences

  • One-to-one care on your terms

  • Keeping home comforts – for example, staying with pets

  • Being close to your local community and friends

  • Flexible support that can change when if and when your needs do

  • Palliative care and end of life support

  • Condition-led support for learning disabilities, dementia care and other complex care requirements

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